MATRIXFREEDOM Fulfillment Review and Testimonials

Thank you to everyone that has sent a MATRIXFREEDOM Fulfillment Review and Testimonials, your support is very much appreciated as it assists us in building The Worlds Biggest Freedom Community”

As I say on my video “Unity via Community” now is the time for freedom lovers to come together and unite against the dark forces that are driving us into the “Digital Concentration Camp” with its surveillance, social score and central bank digital currency (CBDC) agenda”

together we can achieve anything”
lain Clifford MATRIXFREEDOM Founder
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MATRIXFREEDOM Fulfillment Review and Testimonials

Edis Mendoza came to one of our LIVE Fulfillment Q&A and said

Great Webinar last night, just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude to you all at MF, you are all doing a fabulous job, I would also like to mention what a great job my FAM Fern Feltham is doing for keeping me updated via emails and calls regarding my SPC filings, she is an absolute star, please pass this on to her.


Edis Mendoza came to one of our LIVE Fulfillment Q&A and said

Liz Cooper – Thank you for all your hard work, it’s very much appreciated.
Mark Downer – Thank you great webinar.

Shirley Eden – This has really helped me understand the process. Thank you both so very much.

Phil Glickman – Another excellent presentation…well done Fiona.

Mark Gordon – Thank you ladies for all your hard work.

Alex Mackay – Thanks for the Q&A. Awesome update.

Stella Munroe – Thank you for a really interesting webinar.

Nav Patel – Great Webinar. thank you for a very informative session.

Anil Patel – Great webinar Simone and Fiona, Thanks.


Liz,Shirley,Phil,Mark,Alex, Stella,Nav, Anil and NICK

Simon Ward –Just to say that Alex has been exemplary in his explanation of the next steps when we met at your office. He’s a credit to the cause! The Track Record session was excellent and could benefit from the detail shared tonight – IF it could be squeezed in! 🙂 Thank you Simone & Fiona – awesome webinar!

David Gibson –Hi Mia,
Well what can I say, Such a loving/caring email with full meaning. I literally felt your warmth and sincerity, wow it was so lovely. Thank you so much.
Best wishes
David Gibson

Ehtisham Akram – I can’t thank you enough for going extra mile and helping me out. It seems like I have to keep in touch with you as you are bringing additional information into my knowledge.


Ehtisham Akram

Simon, David, Ehtisham
Edis Mendoza came to one of our LIVE Fulfillment Q&A and said

Andreas G came to one of our LIVE Q&A and said

“When I was first introduced to Matrix Freedom I, like many, was sceptical. I’ve seen plenty of claims throughout the years of ways to correct your status or remove yourself from the “system.” But as you dig deeper you start to realise that Iain is both knowledgeable and consistent in His delivery. I was looking forward to visiting the HQ and was not disappointed. Upon arrival, me and my Brother were greeted by a team of passionate people who genuinely care about the process they are fulfilling. Iain’s track record presentation was excellent, concise, clear and verifiable. There wasn’t a question He didn’t or couldn’t answer and not once did He faulter. I spent years in the Royal Courts and some of the smartest Barristers I know don’t even have a basic understanding of what Iain knows. The point here isn’t that Iain is smarter than anyone else (although I challenge that He is) it is that He is relentless in His pursuit for freedom. A freedom that is quickly and clinically being taken from individuals around the world under the guise of democracy. I would absolutely recommend arranging a visit to the HQ to get a feel for the people behind Matrix Freedom and to understand the why.”


Andreas G came to one of our LIVE QA and said_MATRIXFREEDOM TESTIMONIALS
Holly J – “When I became a client of Matrix Freedom, I didnt take their word for it, I did due diligence and researched worldwide, but even knowing that the concepts were indeed absolutely true,bcause I came across people in the US who have done it, the experience of visiting the office was an uplifting one. I cannot speak highly enough for the staff and of course the founder Iain Clifford. I have read a few wicked articles and social media posts that suggest Matrix Freedom is fictitious and a con, and even suggest that Iain himself is a polished scammer, and somehow living on a desert island and not even here! Well let me put that one to bed, I can assure you, he is here, he works hard and I have never met a more passionate and dedicated person only interested in providing a vehicle to support our future freedom. He and all the staff that work with him are my light at the end of a tunnel. I am thankful for their courage and conviction.”


Holly came to one of our LIVE QA and said_MATRIXFREEDOM TESTIMONIALS

Nick Avram – Thanks Simone for asking my question and thanks Fiona for your answer x



Stephen Hardy – An excellent webinar Fiona and Simone. Thank you so much !!



Phillida Hayward – Thank you so much guys, so much appreciated!!



Leighton Smith – Thanks for all the great info, greatly appreciated Sims/Fiona!!



Robert Smith – Thanks for the informative webinar and dealing with the questions look forward to seeing next Friday.



Steve Clark – ty guys, very helpful – great to be caught up.



Dennis Carr – Fiona & Sims, your honesty tonight has been much appreciated. Knowing what’s going on, personally is what I wanted to know. Thanks.



“What an inspirational journey! From what started as a relatively simple mortgage claim has developed into a transformational opportunity for a new financially abundant life. I’ve learned lots, have lots more to learn but I’m confidently being guided by Iain and his team at Matrix Freedom! Exciting times!” – Steve C



I would like to say how much I appreciated the opportunity to attend the track record viewing. The energy of the team who greeted us was fantastic, we were all made so to feel very welcome, the atmosphere was positive with ample opportunities to chat to staff and fellow matrix members while having drinks before the presentation. Iain delivered as promised and his belief in what he is doing for the betterment of those of us prepared to reclaim our sovereign rights is all too apparent to see.

It was great to meet others on the journey, including the staff members, many of whom are fulfilment account managers for us. I can only urge others who get this opportunity to seize it, for I believe it a fantastic opportunity to put any lingering doubts firmly aside.




The dedication and passion that Iain has demonstrated over the years for Matrix Freedom is extraordinary. My confidence in his system has been rewarded with the writing off by the banks of over £30,000 of debt and I am truly grateful for this and look forward to my approval as a Secured Party Creditor in the near future.

TC Sussex

Nick, Stephen, Phillida, Leighton, Robert, Steve, Dennis, Steve C, Mark and TC Sussex
LIVE Fulfillment Q&A and said