MATRIXFREEDOM Conference Review and Testimonials

Thank you to everyone that has sent a MATRIXFREEDOM Conference Review and Testimonials, your support is very much appreciated as it assists us in building The Worlds Biggest Freedom Community”

As I say on my video “Unity via Community” now is the time for freedom lovers to come together and unite against the dark forces that are driving us into the “Digital Concentration Camp” with its surveillance, social score and central bank digital currency (CBDC) agenda”

together we can achieve anything”
lain Clifford MATRIXFREEDOM Founder
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MATRIXFREEDOM Conference Review and Testimonials

Testimonials from our Freedom Community Conference

Congratulations to everyone involved in delivering a spectacular first Freedom Conference. The event was superbly organised. The speakers were both informative and entertaining. It was an uplifting experience and a room that was filled with so much positive energy. Ian Clifford’s vision is coming true at a fast pace. Ian is an inspiration to us all and we look forward to supporting  Ian and Matrixfreedom on the exciting journey moving forward

Garry W

Good morning Simone,

I wish to say, I had an amazing day yesterday at the First Freedom Conference in Ewell, Surrey.

The future is bright and the future is Matrix Freedom.

Your team are excellent. I was happy to meet Iain Clifford in person. Also Fiona, Mobeen & yourself are so wonderful. So nice to meet other like minded individuals.

Lets keep in touch

Warmest regards

Mr. Paramjit

Thank you for experiencing a fantastic day with an amazing group of people.

All the speakers were inspirational, especially Iain, and I look forward to attending many more meetings to learn all I can

Ross B


Dear Simone

It was great to meet you and thank you to you and Iain for organising such a great event.  I am grateful to be part of this community.

Lynn O

Garry W, Ross B, Mr. Paramjit and lynn o
Testimonials from our Freedom Community Conference

Testimonials from our Freedom Community Conference

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the Live track record presentation and last Friday’s Freedom Conference. Both events were exciting and incredibly uplifting for me and all the like minded souls attending.

Fridays Freedom Conference was one of the most exhilarating days I can remember for a long time, the guest speakers all presenting their particular genius skills and allowing us all to further envisage Iain’s vision of a real Freedom Community was both exciting and emotional.

I can’t finish this testimonial without mentioning Iain. All I can say is that the more I learn about what’s really happening, the more I respect Iain for his vision, his knowledge, his ability to research ,his work ethic and his honesty. A gifted leader with a vision many of us wish to be a part of. Thank you Iain for bringing this all together.

And once again, thank you all Matrix Freedom team

Kind regards

Mike S

Testimonials from our Freedom Community Conference
MATRIX FREEDOM REVIEW and Fulfillment Testimonials